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COVID-19 !

This website will help you get all the latest data of each hospital on COVID-19 patients.

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COVID-19 !

Verification App

One step solution to all your healthcare needs. Generates a well pass for your verifictaion.

Blockchain Powered

Your data is securely stored in Blockchain and further decrypted for verification of data.

QR Code Generation

A unique QR Code is generated to ensure the legetimacy of the user data.

Benefits of WellPass

In the post COVID-19 world there will be an urgent need to verify the medical records of the patient before he or she is allowed to travel around. WellPass enables easy access of medical data to authorities. Storing data on the blockchain ensures trust between authorities,patients and the hospitals.Free to use,this application will enable smooth outstation travel for the patients. The end users don’t need to carry their offline copies of their medical reports. The authorities just need a simple app or the web interface to check the validity of the claims by the users

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